white vessel

Erin Curry- white bowl

All I want to do right now is throw pots. Here's the first small one bisque fired, at about 2 1/2" tall and 4" wide, it nests in both hands, the comfortable weight of a singing bowl. Feeling a little trepidation about glazing, but seeing possibilities.

Erin Curry- white bowl with drawing


redredday said...

my gosh, Erin, these images took my breath away. the pot is so beautiful. i wish i could hold it in my hands and put it against my cheek to feel how smooth and cool it is. and the drawing in the background goes perfect with it. from it, i get the sense that it is singing to us (even before i saw your mentioning of a singing bowl). those lines, like a secret written language that we can come to understand without having to know all its alphabets.

thealteredpage said...

Such a perfect pot!

andrea tachezy said...

Wonderful pictures and wonderful pot. It looks so delicate and pure!

Summer said...

Your work is magnificent. I'm glad I found your site!

Thanks for the inspiration,

mansuetude said...

i don't think i could glaze this ... it will cover that curve...ooh.

Erin said...

thank you all for your comments, they are so encouraging.

mien-I love how the things we do in the past lead us to where we should go in the future. how the drawing speaks to the bowl, telling it's birth, yes?

mansuetude- yes I am worried about that curve, perhaps just a thin glaze will work?

Dana Jones said...

how beautiful and elegantly thin.


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