Noticing an Evolution of Line

"Seek him in the placeless, he will sign you to place." -Rumi
Erin Curry- Polaroid diptych blank and mimosa
sacrifice and bare mimosa

I began with a twisted tangle of string, collected hair, wandering knots of grief. Then turned to transforming locks, combed to order, and swelling with possibility.
Now instant film fills my drawers, and ever so slowly the lines begin to stretch out tentatively probing, is it safe? In short bursts of confidence they streak out unfettered, literal power lines. Here the lines cross and caress, momentary echoes of warp and weft. Looking up at the sky and placing myself just so, I am weaving with my eyes and drawing with my camera.

The lines begin to meander, veins casually snaking out to explore the blank landscape alive and wanting. Without knowing my destination I travel toward it, for the moment unhurried and strangely unafraid.

Erin Curry- polaroid 1/21
Erin Curry- Polaroid diptych, redmaple 2/2

Yesterday, I knit ordered knots of grey wool and considered perhaps we were not molded from the clay as so many myths claim, but woven instead.

[ meanwhile Polaroid dies]


karin said...

Hi Erin. I love love this post. It's so quiet and poetical what you write in combination with your polas. Beautiful. Wow. Think we talk about the next steps of our project when Kristi is back from San Francisco, Wednesday or Thursday. See you.

redredday said...

hi Erin! got out of bed! i love what you wrote at the end about not being molded but woven instead. the thought's been sitting in my mind...and the idea of it just makes me really happy. i imagine there is a lot of care and tenderness while being woven into something...anything...


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