I've been happily throwing on the wheel this past week, but swiftly finding my weaknesses in the process so I've been carefully watching others in the studio and looking to the internet for some pointers, my favorites are videos created by Simon Leach, who very carefully explains every step and has 164! videos to watch. His work is more traditional than the work I'd like to make, but his explanation of the basics is very strong and very helpful.

I've also found the need to better maintain focus and a vision of what I'd like while I am making (and head off a soggy mess), so I jotted down few shapes I'd like to make starting with cups. Let's see if I can figure out how to manipulate the clay in these ways. The drawing on the top left with the indentions is a sketch of my favorite cup, made by Catherine Boswell(wish she had a website so I could show you more). Her work is so seductively plump whenever I come across it I have the immediate desire to touch. Mmm. . .

Any thoughts on the forms above?


Dana Jones said...

Look up Beatrice Wood for some amazing pottery inspiration.

I recently gave up pottery as a medium I pursue, but I love the results of other's works.

I see variations in many of your forms on your blueprint. the hourglass shaped vessel appeals to me in any of the variations. Happy throwing!

redredday said...

i love all of it, Erin. you should spin each one of them. they are like siblings playing together. or transformations of one entity? moving/walking around.
okay, if i really have to choose, i'll pick the one with the feet and little handle. come to think of it, all cups and bowls should have feet on them. like those feet you see on handbags.
but i also particularly like the ones you have there that are just simple shapes/silhouettes.

i would also frame this blueprint and hang it on my wall. the more i look at it, the more i love it. the cups look like they are coming alive when you are not looking.

Erin said...

Mien did I tell you I missed you?
I did. Glad you are back.

I'm enjoying building a little herd of cups. Finding it interesting the way they change from paper to clay. learning when to ask them to move and when it is too late. I have to remind myself to stay playful and light, these forms certainly ask that of me.

redredday said...

i'm really looking forward to seeing how they will turn out. like what you said about them asking you to be light and playful. it's nice when our work speaks to us, isn't it? :].


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