weave II

Another tiny step as the second is woven with an ever so slightly more advanced tool: one shed stick to raise half the warp threads. The thread frays less frequently and progress speeds up a bit.

Another step with varying density.

Loving the way this loom leaves the cloth with finished edges all around: four clean selvedges and nothing to waste.


weave I

My tiny weaving in Maine led to slightly larger weavings on my new loom: Las Cabrillas.
Erin Curry- linen weaving tabbyTiny tiny steps to revel in new properties.
Erin Curry- linen weaving tabbyThe first is a simple tabby weave made with single ply flax. As the weft thread runs through the warp, it loses twist and frays, leaving broken soft ends to float above the cloth.
Erin Curry- linen weaving tabbyLinen dust gathers below.
Erin Curry- linen weaving tabby


remnant [a study]

Erin Curry art tangle drawingErin Curry art tangle drawing detailErin Curry art tangle drawing detailhandspun thread embedded in plaster

a voice quite different from past thread drawings


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