Bits and Pieces

Erin Curry art- photograph of collection of curiosities

Lately I've been spending my time rearranging my new studio. Today I bought boards to put up on the cheap brackets that were there when I moved in. Finally I'm making shelf space for my collections, which have been in boxes for two months, I miss them: the rocks, seed pods, bones, twigs, and bottles, all finds from walks and visits to the Junk Lady on 441. These little delicate things that I surround myself with almost have the value of relics. I pick them up compulsively, always have, my mom used to complain about my toddler pockets filled with fistfuls of dirt mixed in with treasured broken bits of flowers and leaves.

I want natural history museum display files. Where can I find those? Perhaps I could alter mechanic's tool boxes.

Though I've yet to overtly integrate my beloved collections with my artwork, I feel it coming. Before I moved I took a few photographs. I like the scale of these. (I'm not sure what's going on with the digitizing of the image below...bear with me while I work it out).

Erin Curry art- photograph of collection of curiosities


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