in flight

 Remember the tiny inkblot kite I made?
Here it is flying on a blustery evening just as the sun set.

The soundtrack is by a new favorite band, DVA, who sweetly granted permission to use their song "lala" which matches so well the feeling of flying this little kite. Both make me deliriously happy.
Song is taken from album Botanicula soundtrack (2012)
Music and lyrics written by DVA © 2dva.cz 
Please support them, buy song/album here: dva2.bandcamp.com



We arrived for sea and sand just in time to gather for a late lunch under the trees and watch an afternoon storm stroll in. It scattered the fair weather tourists and left us with free rein of the shore.

While the others played in the surf, I walked down the beach whose ends were cloaked in mist and watched my silk wings flutter.


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