Collective Matter Show

These peices were all collections of a sort that interacted in a lovely way. The floor works seemed to brace against each other's accumulations in a way that had me in mind of an epic battlefield all the while my airy polaroids wavered above them, silent and watchful.

Collective Matter.
WARPhaus. Gainesville, FL.
Erin Curry, Galen Olmsted and Kalina Winska

Erin Curry. Powerlines. polaroids on wire. 2009-2011
Galen Olmsted. Populous. porcelain and vinyl. 2011

Kalina Winska. Dream of Gorgeia. rope, thread, ribbon, paint, paper, plastic. 2011


three things to see


Just a quick note to mention three shows my work is in this week. I promise to return with more musing type posts in the nearish future, but for now I think I must say three openings in as many days is a personal record. 

The first, Codified: Art and Genetics, includes artwork that explores genetics in conjunction with the Florida Genetics 2011 Conference. The connection between the two departments was fostered by The School of Art and Art History's scientist-in-residence, Jamie Gilooly, a biologist who worked to foster connections between art and genetics and artists and scientists themselves. 

A number of the works were created specifically for this show on a very short time span with the help of some generously provided grants. The official opening on Wednesday was well attended with lots of interested scientists asking questions and talking about what the work referenced to them (always my favorite part of openings). It was so popular the show's original end date was extended a couple of weeks through December 9th. 

See Tangle (&&&) and the rest of the work:

Codified: Art and Genetics

Nov. 9- Dec. 9, 2011

Cancer and Genetics Research Complex

1376 Mowry Road, Gainesville, FL (3rd floor)

Opening Reception: Nov. 9, 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Gallery Hours:

weekdays 8:30–5:30 p.m.

click to see more details

The second is Collective Matter, a one night showing of the trifecta of Galen Olmsted, Kalina Winska, and myself on Friday 11.11.11 (A Day of Collective Ones) from 7-9pm. All these little connections between the pieces continually popped up during installation and as a result we three are quite sad it's just the one night. Though my Powerline polaroids aren't for sale (yet) some of them make their debut in this show. After years of collecting and waiting, it's satisfying to see them in a proper space. 


Collective Matter

Friday, 11.11.11 7-9pm

WARPhaus Gallery

534 SW 4th Ave


Finally, at the exact same time another show hosts more of my work and many others opens across town. From the announcement:


Wabi Sabi: Imperfect Beauty

The Cofrin Gallery is proud to present an exhibition which examines the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi seeks beauty in imperfections found in all things. Guided by this philosophy, Artists embrace random flaws and irregularities that occur through the creative process as an expression of beauty. Wabi Sabi evolved in 13th century Japan, as a way of rebelling against a time of growing materialism in Japanese culture. This exhibition hopes to reveal that the message of Wabi Sabi still has relevance for many aspects of modern life today.

If some of you locals missed the expanded installation of Specimens a few weeks ago, here's your chance to see it again . . . all 180 of them. It's one of the few shows I've seen that seeks to connect rare antiques, humble wooden tools and contemporary work, I'm so pleased to have been invited to show and am looking forward to going later and sitting quietly with the work awhile.

Wabi Sabi: Imperfect Beauty

Nov. 11- Dec. 17, 2011

Cancer and Genetics Research Complex

8009 SW 14th, Gainesville, FL (3rd floor)

Gallery Hours:

weekdays 9am–4pm



Until next time . . .


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