up the cliff and down to the bay

 Clubhouse at the top of a cliff.

Made it over to the proper place this morning and this area was definitely my favorite place so far.


on the hillside

The people I've met here are so lovely. Tonight a stranger spotted me alone at a restaurant table. She came up, introduced herself, and we chatted a bit. When she sensed my disappointment about my trip to The Giant's Causeway, she mentioned her favorite place to go. When my food arrived, she excused herself and before she left she handed me a piece of of paper with directions and bid me to enjoy my trip. Because the sun sets at 10(!) here, I arrived at the tail end of golden hour. Turned up in the wrongish place, but it was exactly the place I needed. Thank you Rosemary of Ballycastle whoever you are, I'll get to the right place tomorrow morning.
 — at Torr Head.


Going to Ireland

leaving Tuesday. I can't wait nor decide where I'm going for the first week. The next three are for a Storytelling in Art course I'm taking. The two after that are in Germany. Cross your fingers for me.
I may start a trip journal on Tumblr. Will let you all know .  . .


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