Emerge show

So happy to show with these two artists, Evie Woltil Richner and Nicole Gugliotti at Valdosta State University Sept 16th- Oct 4th. We had a wonderful turnout and great student interaction.

press release


test hankie

with the laser cutter


Catalyst Arts

In August one of my works was shown in Belfast for the members show, it's a lovely little space and fun to see in this gallery made video.


freckle kite

 flown in Connemera


freckle map

Erin Curry
/freckle constellation/
digital print of my freckles, handspun silk, wildflowers, first aid tape
installed at Limerick School of Art and Design

missing stars and trying to find my place called for a map


up the cliff and down to the bay

 Clubhouse at the top of a cliff.

Made it over to the proper place this morning and this area was definitely my favorite place so far.


on the hillside

The people I've met here are so lovely. Tonight a stranger spotted me alone at a restaurant table. She came up, introduced herself, and we chatted a bit. When she sensed my disappointment about my trip to The Giant's Causeway, she mentioned her favorite place to go. When my food arrived, she excused herself and before she left she handed me a piece of of paper with directions and bid me to enjoy my trip. Because the sun sets at 10(!) here, I arrived at the tail end of golden hour. Turned up in the wrongish place, but it was exactly the place I needed. Thank you Rosemary of Ballycastle whoever you are, I'll get to the right place tomorrow morning.
 — at Torr Head.


Going to Ireland

leaving Tuesday. I can't wait nor decide where I'm going for the first week. The next three are for a Storytelling in Art course I'm taking. The two after that are in Germany. Cross your fingers for me.
I may start a trip journal on Tumblr. Will let you all know .  . .


Spanish Beard

Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) 
layered graphite drawing on mylar
36″ x 14″

Spanish moss has long held a fascination for me; I often pull handfuls off branches to idly make cords with in the same way some people make daisy chains. Yet, it's not until Northerners visit and marvel at it hanging from the trees that I feel such pride in having it in the landscape. Those of us that live here trade facts about it.

"It's not really moss you know . . . it's an air plant."
"Closely related to pineapple from what I hear."
"Pretty sure it's not even from Spain . . ."

I object.

"Perhaps you are wrong about that. It's well known that when the Spaniards arrived after their long journey, a few of them fell into deep obsession with some of the pretty native women and began earnest pursuit. The women -being fast thinkers and entirely uninterested in the furry faced men following them- climbed up into the oaks and the Spaniards climbed up after them. Much to the dismay of the men, their beards became hopelessly tangled in the branches. As they struggled, the women climbed down and escaped, but the poor lovelorn explorers stayed high in the trees. They eventually passed away, but their beards remain and continue to grow and spread from tree to tree."

Everyone nods thoughtfully save for my young nieces who scowl, forever skeptics.

This work is part of the FLOR500 project. Read more here.


cloudblot II

part II of my collection of kites imagined, but not yet made.


peers through

Another abstract comic strip from fall.

Peers Through
graphite, whiteout tape, scratches on both sides of translucent mylar
3" tall


Surfacing Opening

 This is posted long after the fact, but I did have a show at ALT_space in New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Erin Curry Art drawings "What I Might Have Said" graphite, gesso on Duralar solo show
Erin Curry
 "What I might have said"
graphite, gesso on Duralar
14" x 11"

Erin Curry Art drawing installation "News (wherevere the wind blows)" graphite on translucent mylar solo show
Erin Curry
drawing installation
"News (wherever the wind blows)"
graphite on translucent mylar 

Erin Curry Art drawing installation "News (wherevere the wind blows)" graphite on translucent mylar of traced boxes of newspaper layout solo show
Erin Curry
drawing installation
"News (wherever the wind blows)"
graphite on translucent mylar 

Erin Curry Art drawing sculpture "try again" graphite, carbon paper on tracing paper origami balloons solo show
Erin Curry
drawing sculpture
"try again"
graphite, carbon paper on tracing paper origami balloons 

Erin Curry Art drawing sculpture "try again" graphite, carbon paper on tracing paper origami balloons solo show
Erin Curry
drawing sculpture
"try again" graphite, carbon paper on tracing paper origami balloons


Upcoming Exhibition: Surfacing

Erin Curry, News, Newspaper drawings with  sail-like installation
News [wherever the wind blows us]
graphite on translucent mylar, wood, string
May 4th - June 15th
reception May 4th 4-7pm

alt_space gallery

Atlantic Center Downtown

123 Douglas Street

New Smyrna Beach, FL

My exhibition of recent work opens next weekend at alt_space gallery, The Atlantic Center for the Arts' new downtown space to showcase contemporary work in New Smyrna Beach, FL. It is my first out-of-town solo show and the work reflects my first year of graduate school research. Really this show should be called resurfacing as I feel like I'm emerging from hiding. My work is shifting quickly these days, though it still feels tied strongly to my thread work. If you are in the area, please come by to say hello and see what I've been up too.

alt_space Press Release :
"Atlantic Center for the Arts features a storyteller who finds language “unreliable”.  “Surfacing” is an intriguing exhibition that combines the two and three dimensional works of Gainesville, FL artist, Erin Curry. Pieces included in this display are the result of her fascination with marks, traces, and codes drawings can contain, as she grapples for means to decode the space around her.

Curry’s work is a combination of drawing and sculpture with a consistent reference to storytelling.  Within her art, she expresses her fascination with language and the difficultly in translating experiences adequately.  “The fullness of experience is too complex”, says Curry, “the present moment, memory, and our expectations all intersect. Try as we might, something is always lost in translation.”

 “Surfacing” is the third exhibition within the newly created alt_space gallery. The gallery name, short for alternative, was formed to feature Florida artists working in the genres of installation, emerging media and other non-traditional art forms.  The exhibition includes two recent series: “what I might have said” and “News”.  Both collections derive their forms from paper objects: the first from origami balloons, the second from the Arts section of The New York Times.

On her process, Curry explains, "What I might have said, responds to a paper origami balloon I kept in my pocket over several weeks. The paper balloon functions as vessel for breath, as well as potential container for words and phrases that cannot be adequately articulated. The air in them becomes pregnant with possibility. The drawings borrow their compositions from the creases left in an unfolded balloon. The marks found in each panel are systemized codifications of text from an old book never read. The marks become asemic, suggesting story and cadence, but denying specifics. They abstract into constellations, map-like and star-like at once.”

News is a collection of tracings of the arts sections of the newspaper onto translucent mylar. The pages fill with empty boxes and only navigational cues remain. Text directs the viewer, but where? The remade newspapers hang perpendicular to the wall and shift slightly in the currents of a room like boats in harbor. How might these emptied pages suggest orientation in a sea of information? Like the newspapers once found in libraries these objects are meant as reference material to be handled and with repeated viewings the pages will pick up smudges from readers reflecting the reader’s activity back to them”.

Erin Curry is a current MFA candidate in Drawing and Sculpture at the University of Florida. She is a Florida native and founding member of Art Lab, a collective for emerging artists in Gainesville, FL.

The exhibition “SURFACING” will open with a reception on Saturday, Saturday, May 4, 4 - 7 PM. Erin Curry will be present for the reception. This exhibition will run through June 15, 2013 and is free and open to the public.  Atlantic Center for the Arts alt_space Gallery is located at 123 Douglas Street in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  For details visit www.atlanticcenterforthearts.org or call 386.423.1753.  For additional information on the artist, visit her blog at www.sculptress-studio.blogspot.com or follow her on Facebook www.facebook.com/ErinCurryArt

In Partnership with the monthly Downtown Arts District Gallery Walk, the Food Trucks will be rolling in.  20 Food Trucks will arrive for the event to draw new attendees and bridge the art organizations participating.   The caravan of savors will be stretched from Arts on Douglas on Magnolia Street to The Hub on Canal Street.  Items to be served rage from Tacos to Lobster and will be available for purchase from 3 PM to 9 PM. "

link to press release here

Though most of my work is made alone in the studio, I depend on a whole community (including you all!)  and am thankful for each person's presence in my practice. As my work attests, words tend to fail me, but I will try anyway. I'd like to extend particular thanks to The Atlantic Center for the Arts and Arts on Douglas for carving out a protected pocket in your community, and Meghan Martin for hosting my work and working with me to put this show together. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who make the space possible. Thank you to Lauren Lake for your tireless feedback and support as always; I'm going to miss you terribly. Thanks to Ed Valiant for your labor and joy and to Tommy for always being present when I need a little extra help, even if I don't realize it.

Erin Curry what I never said, graphite drawing on duralar, developed from origami paper balloons
what I never said no. 2
graphite and gesso on duralar
14" x 11"
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