donning a printer's cap

linear wanderings on birch ply
to be recorded on rice paper and then if all goes well
fly(call to artists)
relief printing has been far from my fingers for quite awhile,
and some things only return once in the midst of process
while new things are learned with a new medium.
linoleum, far more familiar, cuts smooth and washes clean with soap and water, while wood benefits from the brush of sandpaper to sooth rough edges and a soft brayer rolls ink into minor divots and grain more readily than the hard.
prints will come soon, but for now each step steadily follows the last.


new tangle.

Erin Curry tangle 10.15.10
Tangle 10.15.10
handspun wool, acrylic sheet, graphite and wood
18.5" x 8" x 5.5"

achingly clean clear edges
a small monolith of captured string
loop upon loop
entangled and preserved
closer still
little sprigs of fiber sprout off in directions of their own
with puffs of black graphite dotting the inner facets

  peer directly through
Erin Curry tangle 10.15.10 side

and see the shadows

inset in a graphite base
buffed silver black.


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