new tangle.

Erin Curry tangle 10.15.10
Tangle 10.15.10
handspun wool, acrylic sheet, graphite and wood
18.5" x 8" x 5.5"

achingly clean clear edges
a small monolith of captured string
loop upon loop
entangled and preserved
closer still
little sprigs of fiber sprout off in directions of their own
with puffs of black graphite dotting the inner facets

  peer directly through
Erin Curry tangle 10.15.10 side

and see the shadows

inset in a graphite base
buffed silver black.


kirsten said...

WOW. that is SO beautiful!
i'm loving the shadow-making.
and that graphite base - heaven.

Susan Kruse said...

Stunning. I want to see this in the real world. How beautiful is that shadow!

I like the contrast between the energy and the movement of the tangle and the stillness of the acrylic and the heavy looking base. I also enjoy the repetitive straightness of the edges of the acrylic used to hold the chaotic curling of the tangle. It is a very satisfying combination.


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