Tanglebook as obfuscation and revelation

My entry for the 2011 Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project is perhaps less a collection of sketches and more a sketch itself for a later work.

I've wanted to explore my Tangle sculptures as more tangible objects, allowing others (and myself) to walk through the tangles and see how the relationships between them change as the book is paged through.

I believe if you click on the image you'll see the whole book as a slideshow.
Erin Curry. Tanglebook. graphite on vellum. (c) 2010-2011. collection of the Brooklyn Art Library.

in progress here

note: I'm catching up around here and posting things LOoonG overdue at the date closer to when they happened. Those of you using blogreaders, I hope you'll forgive any confusion as to why posts a year old are showing in your feed.


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