Studio Peek

My friend Tim recently let me try out his sweet camera, here are a few of the results:Erin Curry: studioHaving such a narrow field of focus combines some of what I love about the ambiguity of the blur with that divine sharpness. Of course this means I now have the urge to upgrade from my trusty point and shoot. Erin Curry: studioErin Curry: studioErin Curry: studioTim also has a sneak peek of my mystery project over at his blog. While you are over there don't miss checking out some of the amazing kites he and Ruth design and make. Hopefully I'll get to photograph both of their studios soon.



Fighting off a cold and a desire to stay in bed, but this is calling:

sanding plexi edges (24- 12"x48" sheets) today

to lead to something like this:

Erin Curry Tangle no.409 detailcan't wait.

I'm also going to use this opportunity to finish a tag for the first time ever:

I've been tagged by Helle (gooseflesh):

1. sit down.
2. take a picture of yourself
optional rule: in your studio/work space.
optional rule 2: right now. don't primp, just snap one!
3. upload it.
4. tag 5 people to do the same.

I tag the following:
Ruth (Instances of Make)
Mien (Red Red Day)
Marjojo(My Art Grows Around Me)
Meghan (Output)
Colin (Patterns and Pigments)



A study for a project to be finished and displayed next month.
Prepared: handspun string nearly two miles long. Plans laid and remade.
To be scaled up.
To be layered.
A cloth.
A drawing.
A sculpture.
A monolith.

Back to work.


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