Teaser Post

I have lots and lots to post about, but not quite enough time to post it just yet, future posts to include:
-an answer to Andrea's tag
-a stream of thought set off by Mien's little clementine, it's kind of in depth and I've been working on it off and on for a week
(ahem) I mean two weeks now.
-a ton of polaroids (scanning them now)
-some blogs and a few flikr pages that are incredibly inspiring to me right now
-a special find at the local University used bookstore, a replica of a 1746 tiny book with tiny little woodcuts.

In other news:
Happy (Belated) Birthday to Brother Beastie! He got the tiny book, Tuscan Chicken, and a plate of homemade baklava, it didn't last long enough for a picture. . .

And because Aquarian's are somewhat pervasive in my circle, I sang this birthday song rather groggily to Tommy this morning as he got ready for work:

Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray!
Today today's your birthday
It's not the beaver's or the bear's,
not the pickle's or the pear's
It's not next week or yesterday
Today today's your birthday!

Okay I'm off to take more polas and head over to campus take advantage of my shiny new ceramics studio membership (clay, a wheel, and a kiln, oh my!). . .
And to all of you who have commented recently, thank you so much, you always make my day brighter.

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karin said...

Sometimes it's good to make lists to clear up your mind or organize your thoughts.... this one sounds absolutely great.


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