i voted for hope.
print by f. o. morris


Marjojo said...

And it worked! Like you I've been holding my breath for days, so much at stake. Spent a lot of today watching the news and crying in front of the tele over and over again, and all my thinking is in tune to 'Oh happy day'.

Erin said...

Last night I breathed again and wept for pride in the man who embodies my hopes and dreams for America. After his speech we went out to stand on the street corner with a hundred others and cheered waving signs while cars sped by honking. My best friend who has spent a great part of the last year caring for her brother injured in the war sobbed when cnn called the race.
We've got such a long road ahead but it looks so much brighter this morning even through the tears (and judging from the hundreds of stories coming out from all over the world, I'm not even close to being alone).
Oh happy day is exactly the right song today. Thank you for sharing your joy too.

emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...


And thanks for the comment on my blog. I posted the recipe in the comments on my blog, just in case anyone else wanted it too.


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