hair sketches

Erin Curry art- hair and whiteout 1

Erin Curry art- hair and whiteout 2
Erin Curry art- hair and whiteout 3
Erin Curry art- hair and whiteout
please click to see larger or go to flickr
each is approximately 2"x3"

A way to preserve the cursive script of hair, to bury and then excavate.

These delicate little sketches proved to be difficult to document, and though unsatisfied with the image on screen (too grey and blue) I still wanted to share.


redredday said...

this is beautiful, Erin. the image does not look too grey or blue on my screen. i love how subtle everything is, the colors, the variating line quality of the hair, the edges of the whites. i just realized that it's whiteout, not tape. makes me like it even more because of how it merges more with the strands of hair and feels more permanent. i've been trying to get wax to hold in the hair similar to what you have here but still haven't gotten it down quite right yet. i really want the wax to work.

so i was home for thanksgiving and found a thick ponytail of hair that my sister must have saved to donate and forgotten about it. she got beautiful long hair so of course i decided to steal it and take it back with me. :).
hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving feeling good and full. *hugs*

Marjojo said...

Love your description of hair's 'cursive script', so apt and beautiful. The hair just about visible on/in these surfaces, brings to mind palimpsests, layering over age, time passing.

mansuetude said...

full of honoring
and such subtle elegance...
thanks for doing and sharing this; i love the detail of this kind of attention.

●• Tiny Red said...

awww i love this!
just beautiful...

Sarah McNeil said...


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