Erin Curry art- Haystack rooftop

In a basket weaving class I found myself making cloth.
Erin Curry art- Haystack studio deskBut oh I became a scientist before I was a weaver. See that tiny weaving in front? It was a study from a washcloth with selvedge on all four sides, beginning with the weaving the tool was created sight unseen but signature present. Study revealed it was woven on a simple frame loom warped in a particular way not like an S but looped in interlocking Os. My little weaving came to be from nails in a board. Erin Curry art- tatting and coiled weavingTried traditional Andros Island-style coiling not with palm but reed and muslin,Erin Curry art- tiny weaving and stones before returning to the simple loom weaving cloth of linen and spanish moss. Erin Curry art- linen and spanish moss weavingErin Curry art- linen and Spanish Moss waeving

Erin Curry art- linen and Spanish Moss weavingHow might spanish moss be when untangled, twisted, tied, corded, partially spun or dipped in ink, wet and wound aroud a stone, or felted in wool? All new vocabulary for new language. Erin Curry art- Spanish moss vocabulary


Anonymous said...


This morning I awoke to find that you found hope. I think we all have. Here's to a sensible America.

Your friend

Kaisu said...

Hi, you have a wonderful blog, i just found it today. Thank you very much!

kirsten said...

wonderful work, erin.
i am looking forward to your progress with the new weaving techniques - so very beautiful.

Ritva said...

your blog is unique.
you make beautiful lines
and you draw a peaceful image
thank you!


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