A week home from an amazing two week experience at Penland, my car is finally unpacked, my studio is almost in order again and I don't want to move a muscle. It's not the a contented happy exhaustion of three days ago, but a hot summer ick lethargy. I am school sick. I miss everyone's energy and creative thinking. I miss the community of people standing in line at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of them with really amazing life stories and beliefs. A whole school of people living creative lives, people coming from the circus, heading to live in France, grew up in Africa, who make clothes on a whim, grow their own food, dance, make up sweet little songs for the children they care for PLUS they are all inspiring, supportive artists. I miss that and them. Soon I'll share what actually went on there, but today I am going to shuffle around a bit more.

zombie party costume 2008
so now you have seen me with a beard and as a zombie.
Anyone else see this outfit's strong resemblance to a spindle?

*About an hour after posting this pout I finally got to work and am moving happily again. I did have a special post in mind for today, but I'd suggest you check back here on Monday.


liane said...

i can't wait to hear about penland!
liane, enhabiten

redredday said...

Erin, this is super freaky ( i had to come back to write this). you even made perfect use of the red-eye defect. was too freaked out to see the spindle resemblance but amazing what you did with your hair. it looks like you are being pinned up by the hair.
glad that you got out of your blahness and onto some creative commotion. :).

Anonymous said...

Penland is beautiful! When I was in undergrad, we had a studio to design the new bunk houses.....and then there was a summer studio to actually go build them!

Erin said...

liane, hello. . . soon soon

mien, yes this picture creeps me out a little and I am so glad for the red eye. I hadn't realized how long my hair had gotten until I put it up like this, usually it's held in a bun.

habitual, isn't it! that sound like an amazing project to be involved with. was it studio 54?

Liz said...

I had to bite my hand I was laughing so hard. People already think I'm strange so I'm trying not to make a scene in this internet hold in the wall. Can't wait to hear more!

Missing you tons. FYI: You're coming with me next time I come to India. Not a request, but a promise.


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