Reminding myself to breathe.
Two polas were taken earlier this spring, one airy and one in the air.

Heading Friday to Penland for a two week textile class "Body Extensions" taught by Loren Schwerd, and then a month after that to Haystack for the basketmaking class with Hisako Sekijima who I learned about through Tim Johnson. Thank goodness for workstudy scholarships.
The Body Extension class may relate somewhat to my dresses, though I have beards, spindles, and Virginia Woolf running through my mind as well, so I think it may be time to explore the new.
Haystack will be something very new to me, as I look for a way to expand some of my recent and apparently secret experiments with fibers and make larger work again without a wood or metal shop at my disposal.

Looking to find a moment to write and draw a bit more to find focus, develop these snatches of ideas, and breathe before I go.

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redredday said...

i imagine you must be having a blast right now. two weeks of pure fun with an awesome artist. i can't wait to see what you'll bring back from it, did i tell you that? ;). very curious too about your secret experiments. i want to make big things too.


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