shining wilderness

May's four day wilderness hike in Pisgah National Forest led us nearly to Cold Mountain on a winding search for water. The litany of names becomes the rosary of forest trails.
Drive up up up to still cool air. Walk Ivestor Gap and Art Loeb entering Wilderness, a wrong turn on Shining Rock Gap leads a pristine campsite viewing Cold Mountain. A search for water, up Crawford Creek Gap, up Shining Rock Ledge, across the Narrows to Deep Gap and down to pump from a stream dropping tablets yellow then white, gulping after water turns from clear to yellow to clear again and walk walk rest walk miles back to camp. Gulp a spicy dinner of matar paneer and quinoa beneath a tarp under frigid pepples of hail. Back to Sam Knob trailed by icing blue flowers down to Flat Laurel Creek and a fire overseen by a charcoal dragon. Up Sam Knob to meet a brave little grey bird. Down Down Down Down again to a sea level home. Miss the hills and winding roads.

More images here.

managed to squeeze a few polas at Sam Knob too.

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seth said...

Great light and mood captured in those polaroids.


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