Throwing in the studio has revitalized my art practice. The studio hours are fairly limited so every spare moment is eked from my schedule. Most recently, leisure classes have ended and the studio space free, at least two nights a week finds me skipping dinner and in the basement til 10 o'clock at night. There the distractions are few: no computer, few snacks and limited activities to focus on, just that wheel and a growing pile of unglazed bisqueware. The habit is completely satisfying and I'm trying to figure out how to carry it over to my home studio.

At first my little cup sketches guided me nearly exclusively, but the last few weeks have been spent expanding beyond the basic cup; vases with thin tall necks, lids, jars, and bowls thrown with ribs are all being developed. Not much of it is impressive, but I am allowing myself to learn and keeping notes on things to try next; slurry skins, closed clay ballons, big jars, lids that are bowls or vases themselves, round forms paddled square, planters for succulents, handles, and feet for forms.

Lately, the meditative state of trimming a perfectly symmetrical form has seduced me, so I need to start pushing and prodding my forms more soon. Time to make more drawings.

as of 3/4


redredday said...

hi Erin, you make me wish i could be throwing pots too. this line-up of the pots so lovely! i like the small indentations you made on them, perfect for where the fingers will be. i can see why you're happily on the wheel. you seem to be a natural at it. so looking forward to seeing more!

mansuetude said...

o i've spent two summers in a studio, and you make me want to go back... it was like a peace and an exhaustion--obsession...and beautiful, intelligent people.


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