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My ceramic work has been taking up the largest part of my studio work lately, trying different functional forms and techniques. Made my first jar a week ago. Still procrastinating on jumping into glazing though.Unfortunately the studio is the basement (no daylight) and pictures aren't very exciting at this point. I'll take in progress shots soon though.

For now just this little polaroid.

Erin Curry- powerline polaroid

I am feeling a bit like I am falling in love with polaroid. It is so satisfying, carrying around my beautiful little camera: I can be in the middle of nowhere or up in a plane or on a busy street or in my yard, then press that red button and out pops a beautiful little object. And then those magic moments watching that grey white square turn into a beautiful, timeful image. Simple partners, no computer needed. Which is all very wonderful except the certain knowledge that Polaroid has a near terminal illness. (Am I being melodramatic? Perhaps.)


Because a few years ago when Polaroid went bankrupt, instead of letting someone interested buying the rights to the technology, Petters group bought the name, immediately began fazing out the cameras and film with the intention of never looking back and slipping that name on TV, and DVD players, and digital cameras. Identity theft. Who ever heard Polaroid and didn't think of that white frame holding precious photos of loved ones or moments? And now just as I'm falling in love with making simple precious images of my world, we're all in danger of losing that simple relationship forever.

If you would, please consider checking out the Save Polaroid site, or if you are short on time just perhaps quickly signing the Save Polaroid petition to let the world know this thing called instant film is still wanted. A little bit of help to save an amazing medium would be so very appreciated.


redredday said...

just for you and your crazy obsession, i went and signed the petition immediately. :).

Erin said...

thank you mien!


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