I wanna be these guys today

My aunt in Memphis took in my brother and I for his spring break back in March. A definite highlight was the zoo.
Erin Curry sketch

Erin Curry sketch of giraffe
baby giraffe
Erin Curry sketch of ape

While the male orangutan slept on a food dish way above us, the female orangutan sidled up to this ape(?) and insisted very sweetly for some affection. She puckered up her lips and placed the other's hand on her head holding it there until her red hair was firmly held in the other's grasp. A few minutes later the little ape took a nap in the sun changing positions every minute or so, all the while sweetie orange watched over and caressed her foot whenever it happened close enough to touch.


karin said...

Stunning drawings!!

Erin said...

thank you karin. I have been thinking a lot about our project and will send a message in the next day or so. Talk to you soon.


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