Thinking of Durga

Erin Curry- drawing self portrait as Durgachalk on black Rives, 30"x 40"

After a number of years, owning my scanner it wasn't until today that I finally figured out how to scan slides, I just assumed it was an awful, horrible scanner that lied on the box, but in fact it does quite an nice job, sorry scanner. Sometimes I wonder about my intelligence. It still takes awhile because I have to correct them in Photoshop, but anyway I've been scanning old work. Here is an old drawing from my first year in college. This drawing made my mom cry with pride, so it holds a special place in my heart. . .


julie said...

It is beautiful!! Im not surprised by your Mums reaction!

Very bold and african-like.

(I tend to blame the scanner people for not explaining anything properly ;))

You Know Who said...

Your site is is now in my favorites. You've been busy. I like the bed series.


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