Daily Collages

For sometime now I have been struggling to get myself in the studio on a daily basis. Recently I came across Keri Smith's morning collage experiment which I'll guess may have been inspired by Julia Cameron's morning pages, and it struck a chord with me, so jumped on the band wagon and began my own collage series, just to make sure I am working on something daily. Just moving, trying not to get too attached to the outcome and that freedom has been a good thing, I wondered if I shouldn't keep it hidden for a while longer, but so far I really like it and I can see progression with in it already. Generally I use whatever is in arm's reach or little bits I've collected during the day: newspaper clippings candy wrappers, street debris. I'm prepping an altered book and the waxed paper separating wet sheets are making an appearance too. Here's the first batch beginning November 28:

pages are 6" x 8" (15cm x 20cm)
November 28
Erin Curry- daily collage 11/28
Erin Curry- daily collage 11/29
November 30
Erin Curry- daily collage 11/30
December 1
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/1
December 2
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/2
December 3
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/3
December 4
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/4
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/5
December 6
Here's where I started the pastel self-portraits
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/6
December 7
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/7
December 8
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/8
December 9
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/9
December 10
Erin Curry- daily collage 12/10

This experiment is a direct result of the two above, but I find it to be more of a painting.
Erin Curry- white on white

In other news:
With my altered books, I like to glue 3 or 4 pages together and then gesso them, insert wax paper in between and press overnight, when I return then I peel off the waxed paper, sometimes the waxed paper peels away without protest other times it peels off the first layer of words, which I happily encourage.

Erin Curry- altered book prep


cally said...

these are wonderful, and a superb discipline. given my love of blue, grids, little doodles and book pages i am LOVING December 7, it's a real beauty, though they all are.

Anna P. said...

I really enjoyed seeing the series of daily collages. Yes, I too must get back into studio practice! Thanks for the great example.

thealteredpage said...

Great collages and such a wonderful practice to create daily. I especially like December


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