These are some of the pages of a book I kept specifically for bed drawings and collages. I began with the first collage below on Valentines day, and continued on. There are two books bound dos-a-dos, with about 80 something drawings. The pages are 7" x 9". Click on them if you'd like to see them larger.

Erin Curry- bed drawing 1
Erin Curry- bed drawing 2
Erin Curry- bed drawing 3
Erin Curry- bed drawing 4
Erin Curry- bed drawing 5
Erin Curry- bed drawing 6
Erin Curry- bed drawing 7
Erin Curry- bed drawing 8
Erin Curry- bed drawing 9
Erin Curry- bed drawing 10
Erin Curry- bed drawing 11
Erin Curry- bed drawing 12
Erin Curry- bed drawing 13
Erin Curry- bed drawing 14
Erin Curry- bed drawing 15
Erin Curry- bed drawing 16
these last three are smaller than the rest about 4" x 4 1/2" and on large paint chips
Erin Curry- bed drawing 17
Erin Curry- bed drawing 18
Erin Curry- bed drawing 19


PaMdora said...

I love the beds, they are mysterious and dreamy.

redredday said...

i love these, Erin! wish i could see all 80 of them around in a room or something. want to see each one up close and personal all at once. and read the handwritten text.

are all the beds hand drawn? a few of them look like printed images. i love them regardless.

how did you decide which ones go to which book? is there a particular grouping?
each one has such a strong presence to me, i can't help but imagine it being hung up where you can see each one as its own and/or in a group. i imagine it would be like entering a room filled with secrets and stories unfolding as you linger on each bed...

Erin said...

pamdora and mien- thank you

mien-the text is almost indecipherable even to me, whispered secrets barely snatched from the air.

You have a sharp eye, the beds are not all hand drawn many of them are transfers made from copies the original collage. The book developed semi-linearly, there are two books mostly because I ran out of pages but not ideas. The second book relies more on abstraction and I experimented with a couple more styles of beds.

There was such freedom in this book, the images range from the more well developed collages to loose permanent marker sketches drawn on masking tape securing kraft paper on my studio floor, then ripped up and finding a place in the book.

I love the idea of showing many of them together in the way you describe, allowing the group to be taken in as a whole then investigated individually. I'm glad the ones here make such an impression.

cally said...

what a great collection! my fave is the one with the multiple matresses.

redredday said...

hey Erin, had you added some new ones? don't remember seeing some of them here previously...they are all so beautiful by themselves and together. did i say that already? i can't get enough of them.

so did you find a book for us?

thinking of you...

Erin said...

Cally, A belated hi and thank you to you!

glad to know you come back to these all that have been here are here now, it seems my tendency is to toss everything on one post and let it sit. I wonder sometimes if that's effective for viewers or if I should hand out tidbits at a time to be consumed at a more leisurely pace.
No book yet, I finally had time to look today but it was a fruitless search. I noticed that on your clementine photo you have some sketchbooks in the background, are they handmade? If I have no luck finding a book what do you think of using a hand bound book? Maybe with some different papers mixed in?
This week I have my hands unbound and I am finally shaking off the cobwebs of December and early January. I'll be digging for old books and new ideas :)

redredday said...

yes, i realized they were probably all there after i went to flickr to see them. it's funny, the last time back i did not remember seeing the colored paint chips ones and the one with the 2 wooden circles. looking at them now, they stand out so much, how could i forget??
anyways, i was wondering the same thing about showing little by little or all at once. at the end, i decided it should be dependend on the work and how it came to be. like bookpages just got to be shown together if they are a complete set. but it is true that each page wouldn't get the same full attention as if you posted them individually. oh well.

btw, your story about how you came to be Orange Girl made me laugh. stupid mean boy. actually, maybe he had a crush on you and you didn't know it. :).

so glad to hear you are getting freed and moving along. those books you saw on the shelf are unfinished handmade books. i am okay with using a handbound book. i think you are right about letting the book evolve on its own and not try to put too much criteria on it. i already have a feeling that it will find us. when i work on a book, it tends to be more personal and private than other mediums. so it'll be interesting how that will translate in a collaboration. :).


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