Things making me happy

my new(old) polaroid SX-70 camera- learning to slow down to carefully consider the image I want, and then sitting to watch the mesmerizing alchemy of that white square turning to organized color.

succulent cuttings happily growing on my window sill

blurb.com -imagining She as a professionally bound hardcover book, the program is quite intuitive to use, and I can think of a few people I wish would do this with their work. hint, hint. . .

an old, old Bible with a story (more on that later)

the stray orange kitty that has taken up residence on my front porch

thinking about:
oology- the study of eggs, how wonderfully appropriate is that word?
other bearded ladies

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cally said...

read your comment at redredday and came here to see your blog, i like the way you write. hope to make time to read your archives and see your work soon.


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