Sang the Bearded Lady to her man

Happy 2nd anniversary! Nine and a half years hasn't been nearly long enough.
A party this weekend required hats and/or facial adornment, I went for both.

And while I don't actually play the mandola, I do know who made this one. My best friend's dad has been making these instruments for as long as I can remember (we are talking at least 20 years), and made this beautiful mandola (like a mandolin, but different). He makes electric ones too, if you like, check out his site the The Mandolier.

Promise a more art related post very soon. . .


Marjojo said...

Erin, I needed a doubletake to see it's a woman. You look gorgeous. And happy anniversary!

redredday said...

yeah, me too. i didn't really get it or believe it until after a loong closer look. your beautiful curls and soft hands convinced me. :).

have a lovely anniversary! ♡ you guys look so very cute!!

p.s. not sure if you got my gazillion smiley faces that i tried to send this morning that won't show up on the previous post -- but just quickly for now, here it is again -
:)))))))))))))))))))). for making my day yesterday!!!


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