tentative wool experiments

. . .a little bit of spun wool

and a tiny piece of felt. 1" x 1"
Went to my Dad's house to gather some old work I need complete digital images of including this book, this one. The inside of the second one will be reworked because the pages are made of gessoed canvas which are too difficult to paint with that delicate brush, and I have never been really satisfied with it (thanks Mien for the indirect direction). I gathered up a few daughters too because I miss them.

Hiked today and left feeling mentally refreshed if not physically. A little bit of fungi and lichen inspiration:

Oh and Penny of Little Brown Sparrow reminded me of this artist, Eugenio Recuenco, the link will send you to some fairy tales he did for Vogue magazine. And just because mattresses have made an appearance here before. . . The pictures that twist Renaissance paintings and adopt the Victorian look are amazing. Unfortunately I find a portion of his work too chauvinistic and overtly sexually violent, and that mars some of the enjoyment for me, still I think there is something in the details that I find utterly fascinating. Looking at these reminded me of Ann Hamiliton's installations, though her work is a bit more esoteric and the mark of the hand is somewhat more apparent. I would share a link but at the moment I cannot find the example I want. I remember learning about one installation where the floor of one room was covered tiled in letterpress type, a person stood in a robe at the head of a table the table's surface is recessed and filled with water, the person stands with their hands in the surface of the table the robe flows out behind them and into another room where it morphs into a huge megaphone, I think on the wall there are hundreds of glasses with spoons in them and when a person speaks the spoons begin to stir. So dreamlike.


redredday said...

boy, Erin, so when it rains, it really pours here, doesn't it? :). these images of your wool experiments are making me giddy with excitement! you are magical!
okay, just want to let you know that. will be back to say more...and also want to let you know what you wrote about the gourds struck me in a light haze, touched, moved...and then to see that you also have one on your shelf, standing so tall and splendid, like so much of your work, your writing...

Erin said...

Mien, yes I have been pretty busy here it's pretty weird, I've broken my post record per month already and it's only the 14th,I guess I just want visual proof that something is going on over here, and I am not stalling like I usually do, plus I'm enjoying myself:) glad you are having fun with dragonfly and lovely blooming.


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