Twenty and Counting (and how to fix a linocut)

I am alive, I promise. What have I been up to you ask? Lino printing for one. In case you aren't familiar with the term, a linocut is a relief print made with a piece of old school linoleum tile that has an image carved into the surface with a linocutter, inked with a roller and then printed on paper. One of the particularly nice things about linoprints besides the fact that they look a bit like woodcuts is that you don't need a press to print it.
My little bird print has been in limbo for sometime now, awaiting it's fate, unfinished and unprinted. Part of the problem was some overenthusiastic carving, and a few areas needed filling in, so after a period of incubation and a bit of experimentation, I discovered a way to repair it with Bondo (a putty filler for car dents).

How to repair a linoblock:
warning: Bondo is nasty toxic so if you try it yourself, please do it outside and upwind of the fumes, then leave the piece outdoors till it sets up.
1. Mix the Bondo according to the directions on the can.
2. Just fill in the holes with the Bondo and leave a little above the surface. Let set for a couple of hours.
3. Once it feels hard, shave the surface with a razor blade, sand it smooth with 600 grit sandpaper.
4. Carve back into areas as you wish. Voila. . . print saved. I haven't tried this over large open areas, but for smaller patches it works just fine.

Unfortunately it has been a very long time since I've made lino prints so I am in the process of relearning all the little printing tricks, my pile of imperfect prints is twenty and growing, though I am getting closer. It feels especially nice to be in the studio working on tying up loose ends, I am ready to move on yet feel the need to address the ghosts of past projects and gather information on possible destinations.


Anonymous said...

I need a bird print!

Erin said...

working on it!

rachel said...

this is so great. i have been wanting to make some prints and was curious about linocuts because i could do them without a press. i may attempt it now. thanks for the info and tips!

Marjojo said...

I understand about having to tie up loose ends, it frees some space in the mind for new projects. In the last one or two months I finished two works that I started summer/autumn last year, feels great, but also left me with moments of uncertainty and doubt, what if I don't come up with anything interesting, etc., but really, there is always a buzz of ideas in my head, just need to make a choice. Looking forward to seeing your bird print.

booger said...
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booger said...

Thank you! I have been wonderring how to repair a linocut I did for a while now!


Erin said...

katherine, glad to be of help. You've some really striking work, thanks for saying hello and leaving a trail to follow you back.


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