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Erin Curry art- drawing of moth
Erin Curry art- drawing of fly
Erin Curry art- drawing of wasp

graphite on primed Rives paper
5.5" x 7.5"

These are things found on my porch, drawn there by light and found their death. They are so delicate and small, shells of their former selves. Morbid. I am fascinated by the intricate way the body is put together, such tiny joints, and in drawing them I allow moments of awkwardness to reach in. The moth's small furry leg curls up towards its eye as if it should like to hide from my gaze, while its abdomen and wings disappear into the page. A wasp's identity becomes barely discernible as the lines it is made up of surface and disappear, save its legs which sprawl and clutch. These little drawings are partially in response to seeing my mother’s shell, her life drawn out of her by whomever cleans up after the Fates. Her body present but the picture incomplete.

Erin Curry art- drawing of antlion

side note: I determined I would post these two weeks ago, but little did I know they would be so hard to get a digital image of. I spent far too long scanning and tweaking, even built a light box to try photograph them only to find my camera was not up to the task, days passed. . . finally an epiphany and I figured out how to scan it differently. Still not perfect, but so glad I didn't settle.


Marjojo said...

Hi Erin, today I was able to scroll along the Diesel-pages and read the text! You write beautifully about your interests and influences and it was great to get a closer sense of the work. Now that I know how you wrapped the trees I want even more to get close and look AND touch. I am so glad that you did not give up on being an artist! And I'm sorry for the loss of your mother and I can understand how mourning can make every other pursuit seem futile.
Really like your insect drawings, esp. the one on the top, the angle makes the insect look ever stranger. Anyway, insects looked at close-up are strange, those angular limbs and big eyes, and you've caught something about their fragility and resilience beautifully in how you drew them. (How big or small are the drawings?) Have you read Kafka's Metamorphosis? I love the tale and am touched and freaked out by it in equal measure, the abjectness felt by the Gregor, the sense of being comletely outside of everything and the despair that isolation brings... I made some very inadequate work about it at college.
Anyway, have made a link from my blog to yours, hope that's o.k.

Anonymous said...

Dear Erin, always love to read "comments" from your blog. How wonderful to have an ever-expanding group of interesting and talented blog friends. You are blessed. xoxo aunt suz

Carson said...

Hi Erin.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and for commenting! That way I discovered yours! Lovely, lovely drawings :)
In fact, I like all your graphic explorations, I'll be back :)

charlene said...

I'm curious what you use to prime your paper. I have some paper that I find problematic and wonder if this might be the answer.

Erin said...

marjojo, I'm glad you were able to read about the work, and very happy to be making art too, it is strange to look back now on that time period and remember how especially painful it was to work in my studio, like rubbing a raw wound with salt, she was so present in my studio, I brought many of her tools and studio treasures home and it was so hard to see them and use them and yet I felt I needed to, in the end I think I had to face that in order to keep moving.
I have not read Kafka's book, but it sounds like a really interesting premise, next time I go to the library I'll check it out.
Thank you for the link!

suzanne, I agree and I am so happy you come here too.

carson, look forward to keeping up with your blog as well

charlene, I prime it with acrylic gesso then sand it with 600 grit sandpaper for a very smooth surface. I believe this is the same method some people use for silverpoint drawings as well. Hope that helps and that I can see what you are working on sometime.

redredday said...

hi Erin, i really love these drawings, especially the very first one, with the wings all spread out, ready for flight(?). but really, each of them are beautiful in their own ways.
they actually reminded me of your handwriting and while there is a sense of fragility in them, there is also that quiet unshakable strength in the lines. strong, ambitious and clear-sighted, ready to take on the world. am i being too dramatic? but i believe it is true. takes guts and a knowing of oneself to trust that what you have there is enough, even if it does not fill the entire space given.

p.s. i would love to read your statement of Dwelling and the other forms...and also the self-portrait you gave your mom, if you ever want to share it.
and lastly, thank you for all your thoughtful words and insights you have given me...i know i will come back to them from time to time...


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