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screen shot of diesel with article about Erin Curry

Jan of Poppytalk wrote a feature about my work on DIESEL.com. The article shows an installation, my jewelry and a work in progress. See it and read it here. Many thanks Jan!


poppy said...

: )

Marjojo said...

Erin, I finally want to properly thank you for your comments on my piece Red column. I was pleased that you had such a visceral and immediate reaction and esp. that you expressed it to me. Feedback is so important, and I always drink it up greedily. Checked out your reference about Rachel and red thread, thanks for that too, it's so interesting. Imagining the ritual of walking around her grave 7 times winding red thread around all the while and saying prayers - I find that very moving.
Tried to check out the article about you on Diesel.com but could for some reason only get to the images. Left me frustrated, they look so interesting and I wanted to know more. Esp. like the trees, are they real or made?
I'm thinking about Catlin a lot, although I don't know him it's different to hear about a soldier in Iraq being so devastingly wounded when he's got a name and you can kind of picture friends and family. I hope he's being looked after as well as possible.

Erin said...

marjojo, I am glad you found sustenance in my feedback, I really do enjoy the piece.
Sorry about the link weirdness, it should work properly now. When you get there again if you scroll down with the blue tab on the far right you should be able to read about the work, but I'll answer your question briefly here too. The trees are oak saplings wrapped in very fine steel wool. I made three originally but only two ended up in the space.
I hope you don’t mind but I posted my response to your thoughts on Catlin on the post about him. It started short, but got fairly long quickly.


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