Air Force

Taken at 8th Air Force Museum near Shreveport, Louisiana.

look! a tiny pressed mattress.
*edit 11/09*The bomb count so chilling, I still can't get over it a month after taking these photos. Even so I find the repetition of the missiles oddly beautiful the white ones are so similar to Bone Mother's shape it's frightening.


Anonymous said...

Aren't these fun! You could do endless photos of this sort.

karin said...

Came over from flickr. You've got a good eye!

redredday said...

i love that picture of the pressed mattress! how odd and wonderfully appropriate that you would be the one to come across it!

redredday said...

hi Erin, it's almost a week, time for a new post of some art work, woman. ;).

i also love rainy days. today is going to be one here. i just don't like it when it's bleak and cold and the air just feels so hollow.

wow to all those animals you had encountered/lived around with. sounds like a real zoo you had going there. :).

and wise words you gave me ("the worst things I make are better than the best things I haven't made"). i should put that up as a reminder too. i guess it's true what you wrote about rebelling against the effort for perfection. i never think i am striving for perfection but just wanting things to be a certain way and not a certain way, that feels right and looks like it should be there. is that asking too much?? heh. :].

Marjojo said...

My eyes too zoomed in on that funny little mattrass, squished in place by a red plate and that huge white loop-thing. Something so soft and of malleable form just seems so vulnerable and out of place there.
Absolutely love how you wrote about flying, it was a pleasure to read. And glad you were able to go see Catlin.


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