The third in this series finally marks a feeling of familiarity with the drawing spindle. With this tool, greater proficiency comes with a need to mindfully let go of rigid rules, to find a way to coax a specific line and tether a delicate drawing without binding it.

Traces of Spun #3
22" x 30"
graphite on paper
Traces of Spun #3 (detail)
22" x 30"
graphite on paper


Marjojo said...

They are beautiful! The lines are kind of woolly, have a softness, and in that strangely almost a warmth, inspite of the image being black and white. There is an animation, almost breath-like, from the centre outwards. I like that you say 'mindfully let go of rigid rules'.

redredday said...

impatiently waiting!!

i see these drawings now and they make me think of possible movements of your kites...

Erin Curry said...

Thank you, thank you. That's precisely what I like about them too. They are soft and breathe. I keep looking at them an thinking they would like more space for it.

Mien! those posts are coming, I'm working up to it. Promise . . .


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