spun drawn

Two waited a long time. Month after month passed as small studio experiments joined its side on the daylit wall. The place of open air contemplation ever shifted as wisps of graphite, paper, mylar, and silk came and went, all except for this white rectangle with the quiet buzz in its middle.  

The barest hint of spring brought it through my hands again, this time to completion and followed swiftly by its sister.

Erin Curry Art Spindle Drawing #2
Traces of Spun #2
22" x 30"
graphite on paper

click to see larger

The long incubation period makes all the more appropriate the final form held within holds the ending of division or beginnings of connection.

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redredday said...

it's beautiful, Erin. i admire so much your patience and just doing your thing regardless of whatever.

i love the 'quiet buzz' coming to center. enjoy the thought of your spindle in motion and trying to be in balance...this nervous excitable (yet also calm?) energy that comes forth. makes me think of hair that's shy and wild and secretive...something i want to know more about! :).

yes me too i wish we live closer...imagine the fun i would have in your studio! one of these days...!!

okay, more later...


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