In the studio today

Here you can see the tangle sculpture remake fully underway. Layer by layer I've been disassembling, throughly cleaning, and reassembling a new stack. I'll admit it's not my favorite project to work on, but hopefully I'll be pleased with the results.


Cobalt Violet said...

Can't wait to see where it goes! Please share!

Anonymous said...

If it is as good and strong as the other piece, you will be happy won't you? is the other piece still in the outside exhibit or did you sell it?

Erin Curry said...

Violet I will!

Elis, It's the same sculpture, but I've had to remake because it incurred some damage during it's time outdoors and later during transportation, so I'm having to remake it. I think I'll be happy with it in the end, but find it disheartening to have to do the same amount of work to make the same sculpture twice without having two finished sculptures at the end. I'll just say it's been a major learning experience and an exercise in patience and tenacity.

Anonymous said...

I know that the chance of having a piece damaged is part of the job, but yes it is difficult when you have to remake something, the more so when it is such a time consuming piece.
:) but yes just say its been a good learning experience and enjoy the ride..

Wish you well.


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