Tangle no.427

Erin Curry art Sculpture Tangle no.427Erin Curry art Sculpture Tangle no.427Erin Curry art Sculpture Tangle no.427acrylic sheet, handspun wool, graphite and wood
60" x 12" x 6"

Threads clothe us.
Threads hang above our heads as powerlines.
Threads are followed as thoughts,
spun into stories,
spoken as conversations,
and left as remnants of online discussions.
Threads of our lives, made by the three Fates, are drawn out, spun, and eventually cut away.
All tangled and woven together.

This is one specimen; handspun wool and graphite powder drawn and stacked, a wisp of the story.

My sculpture has joined seven others in an outdoor sculpture show as part of the Florida First Coast Arts Festival in St. Augustine Florida. The festival features outdoor sculptures, music and theater performances beginning tonight through the 24th. If you are in the area, come catch a performance and see the work in person.

photos taken by Tim Elverston


Liz said...

This is amazing. All your hard work paid off, it's more awesome than I could have ever imagined. Congrats on finishing the piece!

Lorena said...

This is so freaking fantastic that I almost don't even have enough words for it. I am so crushing on you right now, you are just so talented and brilliant!

Haley Nagy said...

I had no idea from the previous pictures that this work was so large. Splendid!

My name is Meghan Price. said...

This is really impressive. Sweet engineering and
the scale is amazing - really elevates your yarn to monumental significance. Also love the way the sky informs the piece - must be great to watch the shifting clouds and yarn patterns interact.

Kelly said...

This is beautiful. Congratulations to you on your amazing work.

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous sculptural element.
really clever and interesting.
clever, clever you.

kirsten said...

duh. that last comment was mine...

carol said...

Erin, this is absolutely fantastic. I am so impressed.

Colin said...

Yes, yes, yes! This is phenomenal. I'm really proud of you.

Carson said...

congratulations Erin; really fabulous work

redredday said...

gosh Erin, where should i start?
first, you must know i am totally blown away with the scale and quality of your work here. kept coming back, expecting/hoping to see more pictures, more details. want to take in more. i so wish i could be there to see the work in person. that second piece (middle image) makes me think of music...soft lyrics, a quiet vibration of the skies. i love how delicate the threads seem to be from far away (and probably up close too) yet they are strong and soaring...
the first piece, i think of your previous works where the threads are words coming out, stories told and tangled together, as you described. here, at the larger scale, i imagine they take on a more assertive statement, a cry breaking out yet still contained, and resonating back and forth between the layers.

when i first saw these works, one of the things that struck me was the distinct difference between just making things at home and being an exhibiting artist. maybe that is not really the right choice of words but you know what i mean. i couldn't help question and wonder if maybe i am not on the right path as well. what you wrote to me left me so touched and depressed at the same time. touched for your understanding, knowing and taking time to reach out. you're awesome, Erin.
depressed...i guess because too many questions asked that i don't really know the answers to or don't want to think about. it's strange both you and Marjojo responded to my large spoon that i can't stand. the day before i heard from you, i have already broken it. the handle is something else now. i like it so far. the bowl part looks dejected though.
i keep going back and forth about blogging, the good and bad - it's still something i'm trying to get a hold on. but you are so right about needing pressure from outside force sometimes. it's wonderful what you have gotten out from doing this show. and it's wonderful for us to be able to come here and see your working and thought processes as you go.

btw, why no. 427?


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