studio update

My current studio project involves taking apart and remaking the large tangle sculpture I completed earlier this year. It's had a few mishaps, one of which was being knocked over in in transit from one side of my studio to the other thereby shifting the sheets of acrylic against one another and incurring a number of scratches throughout the inner faces of all 24 pieces. I'll be polishing them out for an indefinite amount of time. This one scratch is halfway through the process; this project will be a test of endurance.
In case you are wondering how one might polish acrylic sheet perfectly smooth again, Novus plastic polish is helping me along.


redredday said...

cool. that is good to know about the plastic polish. i will also get that rust remover thing you mentioned before. how will you be storing your Tangle? could it be displayed at home? how wonderful that pass by it everyday and maybe see something different in it each time.

dear Erin, always so good to hear from you, you know :). yes to more gourds but only if it's no trouble and you want to get rid of them. thanks for the tip on hammering the copper. i'm excited to try it out! it also gave me the idea to hammer some fruit skin that i'm working with. i haven't tried it yet but i'm loving it already. :).

Erin Curry said...

Hi Mien, Once I put it all back together again, I think it has a place to live at the yarn store I frequent for awhile. Maybe it'll find a permanent home and I'll get to make another. I have a few ideas for permutations.

I'm glad you found hammering copper exciting, the fruit skins sound very interesting let me know how it goes, even if it's not as planned.

I was browsing through your blog again and found a few things I was excited about. Your drawings for instance, so sweet and delicate, and yet edged with a sharpness I can't quite define.

By the way Kevin Brockmeier, author of Brief History of the Dead, is coming to my town in a couple of weeks. I've only read View from the Seventh Layer, but it stuck.

If you email me your new address I'll send you some gourds. Got to go, talk to you soon.


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