Hot, muggy mornings are often relieved by the rains which usher in ever muggier afternoons. If we were less substantial beings, we might swim through the air along our streets as we travelled between the bubbled cold of buildings. We'd sink as we entered the threshold and rise again as we left. The crickets accompany us with their lament in the meanwhile; long, slow songs that buzz in our ears as we sit in the heat of the afternoon, our eyes closed in the pretense of sweaty sleep.

There is relief to be found in the bodies of water where we gather. Here we float in the profound blue and enjoy the fruits of summer.

pool, niecessprings

yes that blueCamera lust officially satiated.


Marchi Wierson said...

ooo I want a nice camera. any camera really. actually my camera was dropped in the salty ocean when I was knocked over by a wave as I was trying to get the perfect photo!! I love the images in this post and the writing which really describes a summer moment! good job!!!

A rambling rose said...

A beautiful photographic record of summer time - love the words too!

mansuetude said...

wonderful images, your neice is lovely.

i want the fire.
beautifuulllly written.

Kruse said...

What a beautiful summer you are having! Here it turned to Autumn about two weeks ago, and each morning is a bit colder and a bit darker. After a grey, wet summer we can look forward to months of grey, wet winter. Thank goodness for beautiful photographs like yours to lift the spirits


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