silvered mask

Functional, beautiful tools should not be underestimated. Particularly those one might wear for an extended period of time. My respirator mask for example:
Erin Curry's silverleafed respirator maskErin Curry's silverleafed respirator mask-detailPrimed and silver leafed. Hopefully it will tarnish a little with use and age, but if it doesn't, a layer of paint to relax the shininess should do the trick.

Idea shamelessly stolen from my brother, his has gold leaf.

Speaking of beautiful tools, a dust protection accessory of a different sort and origin was made recently by one of my good friends see it here.


Wieteke I. Opmeer said...

love this! really beautiful, i like how you personalised the tool. I also often have the feeling that the stuff i work daily with has to be personal and beautiful, specially if you work with it a lot. They often make it those tools so it's only functional, I like your version more!

jane said...

I put velvet and beads on my plastic face mask for the woodshop and adorned my ear muffs for the metal shop with crystals.... thought I was the only one that did this sort of thing, nice touch! Love your work.


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