moments i loved,
small sweet and
just glimpsed
Erin Curry art- Penland blur llamallama hill

Erin Curry art- Penland blur llama 2
Erin Curry art- Penland blur llama 3Erin Curry art- Penland sunsetthe craft dormErin Curry art- Penland craft dorm photoErin Curry art- Penland photo Craft dormErin Curry art- Penland photo Craft dormErin Curry art- Penland photo
behind the resident studiosErin Curry art- Penland photopocket collection
Erin Curry art- Penland photothe field mowed
Erin Curry art- Penland photowould like more of those moments just now, but am packing again. missing sharp things for checked baggage: x-acto blades and felting needles. this time to haystack to make baskets.
stones and wool and grass still litter the floor. "what will i bring home to you?" i ask of them.

*felting needles unearthed*


mansuetude said...

you will bring home you, which is full, full of all of it! :_)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images, so misty and haunting...

redredday said...

i have to tell you, Erin, that your polaroid blurs are really growing on me. i was not too crazy about them before but since the last bunch that you took of that national forest, i discovered a new way of taking them in. don't know quite how to explain it but i realized i don't need to be so forceful and see it all. instead, step back a bit and let the image come to me and i am seeing more. they make me think of tears too.

i wait anxiously for you to be back.

mansuetude said...

yes, these are special. the last one is awesome.

kate said...

love these dreamy images.


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