vessel for the unspoken

This little paper balloon lived in my wallet for a few months. When a quiet moment was needed, I took it out to play. There's something sweet about how it's a vessel for breath and the unspoken. A new series of drawings is in works based on its form.Reading Gwarlingo this morning, I stumbled seeing this quote:
"Erase everything you have written,’ Mandelstam says, ‘but keep the notes in the margin."
sparity culled from overabundance
and then after pushing around the topic in the search bar, this gem:
There are two kinds of obscurity; one arises from a lack of feelings and thoughts, which have been replaced by words; the other from an abundance of feelings and thoughts, and the inadequacy of words to express them.” -Alexander Pushkin
Perhaps I should pursue a poetry class soon.


red said...

omg Erin. did you just make a scary movie? i want more...

Erin Curry said...

I'm playing this on loop in my show right now. It's breathing with me.


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