Inkblot sequence animated

as a playful exercise during my coffee breaks today.

More tweaking and cleaning to follow, but I'm too delighted to wait.

Erin Curry, .gif, original art ink on vellum, 2012


Marjojo said...

Definitely swimming! But couldn't look at it for long, gave me panicky sensation as movements so fast, as if trying not to drown. Sense of face emerging, gasping for air, and going under water again.
Or a heart beating at top speed? Interesting how it has changed.

Erin Curry said...

It is a bit upsetting isn't it? Glad it relays water somehow I'd like to propose a longer work for an upcoming show about the Fountain of Youth. Thinking about the fountain of the mind the way ideas and associations surface and, as you say, sink again. Will try to slow it down a little and soften, though for me ideation can often feel overwhelming. It's a new thing for me to consider animation, though I suppose I've dipped my toes in it in the past.

Liz said...

My thoughts echo Marjojo's. I couldn't look at it very long as my heart began to race.


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