Entwine Show

I hope all of you have had a lovely holiday and your new year is looking even brighter than the last. My 2012 begins with a show at Gallery 21, "Entwine".

"The work of artists Erin Curry and Cindy Steiler share a common thread. Each uses the traditional material of thread in divergent ways while intertwining ideas of handmade, process and narrative. Both share a fascination with the act of creating; some of Cindy's figures stitch each other into existence, while Erin's work dwells on the creation and character of handspun threads themselves."

opening reception:
Friday January, 6th 2012
6:30- 9pm
Gallery 21
21 SE 2nd Place (next to the Hippodrome)

The work will be up through January 27th. 

I'm so pleased to be showing with Cindy who also happens to have just moved her studio into Orange Blossom Art Studio where I've been working for over a year now (that's a blog post for another day). If you are able, please join us for the reception and I'm especially inviting all spinners to come with their spindles (or wheels) to share our processes and celebrate our community, I'd not be making the work I do without it.


redredday said...

happy new year, Erin! love the layout of this beautiful postcard image. totally makes me want to see more of each artist's works. wish i could be there to see everything in person. could you please plan to exhibit in ny?? ;).
okay. have a terrific opening tonight! i'll be thinking of you...xxo

sajahan said...

very nice looking blog.Thanks a lot.

Susan Kruse said...

I hope the show goes well and is the start of a wonderful year.

Bissy said...

Very good blog, can tell you have worked hard on it!

Erin Curry said...

Thank you all for your well wishes. This year is promising some serious changes.

Mien, I would love to show in NY. Let's see if I can arrange it sometime.

Erin Curry said...

Thank you all for your well wishes. This year is already promising some serious (and exciting) changes.

Mien, Thank you for the postcard praise, I designed it myself. NY would be a wonderful place to show, let's see if I can arrange it sometime.


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