on the new year

an inheritance of moldy books,
gifted to the flames
crackle and peel or fly on hot currents.
leaves rustle above and scatter below.

Already the end of the first month, I only just seem to be catching on to the new year of double 1s. Lots of things are floating in the air ready to be plucked and experienced and I couldn't be more excited about the year to come. There's always more to be said and more to show and I'm always relieved to see and hear from my blogger friends. What will we make this year? What will we gather close and nurture or burn and bury?

1 comment:

redredday said...

oh Erin...i imagine it must not have been easy to have this fire burning, memories coming forth...
these images alone feel so emotional to me. i love your strength and spirit, Erin.


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