from the sketchbook archives

Threads drawn by machine and threads drawn by hands imprinted on paper with graphite.  The ambiguity of whether these are prints or drawings pleases me.


Susan Kruse said...

wow I love these! I just opened an online shop today with three mono-prints made by dipping thread in ink and printing with it! Synchronicity?

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

these are beautiful and as you say the ambiguoity is pleasing and compelling...

Erin Curry said...

Susan, Thank you! I love your mono prints very much. They are like artifacts from the bog man's clothes or visions of something shadow embryonic.

We definitely have this tangle synchronism going. Out of personal curiosity I checked some of my other snapshots of these pages (not blogworthy and thus unposted) and most of them predate april of '09 just after I made my first tangle drawings. So strange and wonderful we are touching on the same threads (pardon the pun). You can't tell from the photograph but the last image is also a twin . I was pressing the threads under waxed paper at first and decided I should keep the other half, though now that I look at them again I want them to be Siamese.

This has me saddened I never properly responded to your post about my work and how you explored something similar, but didn't follow it through because you were worried it wasn't relevant somehow. Your words were and have continued to be hugely encouraging to me to know I have a "idea sister", to hear your description of Idea (as I feel very much in agreement with that personalization of the fecundity of creation) . That you shared your excitement about my developing work and your newfound understanding of your own work was a beautiful gift.
I did work on a response for a while (even had a text file started), but it got buried beneath other things.

I loved your rust and waxed tangles and the way they seem so connected to the void of creation. Dark and a little dirty, yet transcendent. I've been experimenting with plastics recently and the effect is similar in that placement on the edge of ether. Your shelter too excited me and reminds me a tinylittlebit of my Dwelling (a skirt shelter) from 2004? though yours is freer, less severe.

I connected too to what you stated about something being relevant because "it is what you do!" There is innate cohesion in using your voice and of course it is okay that it doesn't quite fit in the context of other's work. I took a class at Penland two years ago. The focus was on costume and performance. I had a very hard time with it, because while I am not particularly shy I don't like being on display or feeling as if I am "acting". I avoided the preparations for the final performance work for nearly a week by collecting stones from the nearby river and organizing them in neat rows in the studio over and over again. Finally someone teased me that I was the Collector and it hit home, this was my performance! I didn't have to act, I already was!

This revelation hits me again and again each time I think I am lost in my work, I remember am a collector artist. The things I bring home and make are all part of this core act. In fact the work in my most recent show is of my slowly growing series of singular tangles.
I hope to have a hundred of them at some point in the near future.

This response is kind of messy and quick, but I worried if I did not say it soon I might never.


Thank you for your kind words and thank you for visiting!


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