in the studio

This is a series of new tangle sculpture stacks. I am making four the same size. One is a commission piece and three more will expand the series. Though my objective with this work is to capture tangles, most of the labor that goes into sanding and polishing the edges. As a result, the sculpture transmits light nicely and it sort of disappears when seen from the side. Many hours go into this, but it is well worth the trouble. That clean detail makes me want to eat the thing.
Nine hours or so later, Side A is complete.
Onto Side B.

and then C and D.

A German friend of mine, Kisa, mentioned that they have a term for this kind of crazy task that must be done "du bist des Wahnsinns fette Beute" which google translates as "You are the fat booty of insanity".
With that as my mantra, I can't help but giggle as I sand.


redredday said...

hi Erin, i've missed you! please don't worry at all about sending me anything. you've given me enough already. i'm just happy to hear from you! and so thrilled and touched by the words you left me. you of all people, i would want to love the eggs. what you wrote about them being broken out of their conformity - it's so true! i wasn't quite so aware of it until you mentioned it ~ i guess that is why i haven't gotten tired of wrapping them even though it is a rather tedious process...

speaking of which, you crack me up imagining you giggling to yourself like a looneytune. so WOW, four more tangle masterpieces, huh? you are crazy crazy. i really don't know how the heck you're able to get the edges to be that crystal clear. me too i want to eat it. these pictures make me think of the agar agar desert that my mom makes which is super yummy. so will the tangles be similar or very distinct from one another? i hope one of these days, i'll get a chance to see one in person. btw, i am loving your newly launched website. the images - your work - are so captivating. and the polaroids look so good laid out together like that. i just want to stare at them all day...

Lorena said...

"You are the fat booty of insanity".

I need that on a t-shirt.


mansuetude said...

love this quote and it reminds me of one in Italian a friend taught me and now it has flown from me but the intent is similiar.


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