Fighting off a cold and a desire to stay in bed, but this is calling:

sanding plexi edges (24- 12"x48" sheets) today

to lead to something like this:

Erin Curry Tangle no.409 detailcan't wait.

I'm also going to use this opportunity to finish a tag for the first time ever:

I've been tagged by Helle (gooseflesh):

1. sit down.
2. take a picture of yourself
optional rule: in your studio/work space.
optional rule 2: right now. don't primp, just snap one!
3. upload it.
4. tag 5 people to do the same.

I tag the following:
Ruth (Instances of Make)
Mien (Red Red Day)
Marjojo(My Art Grows Around Me)
Meghan (Output)
Colin (Patterns and Pigments)


redredday said...

oooh Erin. i can't wait to see what comes next. am already imagining something bigger than life size and the interesting play between the transparency and layers. also just thought of your obsession with the powerlines. will it be somewhat related? i guess i will wait and see. hope you are feeling better...

and hey thanks for the tag. i've gotten lazy with tags but always delighted to be tagged. :].

redredday said...

p.s. you look real cool working in your studio space. and i love that Vasalisa is captured there as well. feels like her spirit is present as well, like that of a guardian angel.

My name is Meghan Price. said...

OK OK tag received. I'm on it.

Must say - I admire your environment - so thoroughly monochromatic and natural. Your practice appears consistent and convincing.


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