weave IV

Erin Curry weave 4Erin Curry weave 4Between making these in August and posting them now I neglected to mention the meditations on process discovered.
The process was less about creating cloth, but rather drawings created with physical lines. Slow slow work to draw this way. Organization of the line slowed by the process to lock it to the ones before it.
The linen line satisfyingly uneven on its own, a hard thin twist followed by a soft thick one , transforms even more as it is laid in, tightened or loosened according to friction, pressure, speed.
Drawn through. The looser weft, relinquished to the tight warp, ever undulating.
Woven. Sculptural drawings or drawn sculptures.

This last one examines disregards a straight grid.
Erin Curry weave 4Erin Curry weave 4Erin Curry four weavingsThe Agnes Martin paintings I'd seen at the Dia Beacon few years ago kept surfacing in my mind. Those subtle lines perfect in imperfection. A shame pictures don't really capture them well, though perhaps it's good I am distanced from them for the time being.


A rambling rose said...

Hi Erin - these are really beautiful - I love the idea of drawn sculptures - I have tagged you by the way on my blog - you don't have to participate but it's just a bit of fun! thank you for your sharing your process and a lovely posting

Ana Tecedeiro said...

I love your work!

mansuetude said...

so wonderful, thanks for the words about your thinking. You changed my thoughts .

Ritva said...

beautiful work!

one of my dearest books is about agnes martin. "the silence on the floor of my house..."

Anonymous said...

Erin, these are remarkable. As i was looking at them Agnes Martin came to mind. Scrolling down your words I see you mention her as well.... drawn sculpture. So spare, but so much to see.


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