Oranges are Florida's state flower

painting by Mary E. Eaton via wikipedia

In case you missed it, this Sunday's NYtimes magazine includes an article written by Micheal Pollan addressed to the next President. The article proposes solutions to our need to dramatically reduce our dependance on oil through altering our food supply system to be predominantly regionally based and argues that it would make our country safer, healthier, more efficient, and less polluted. As a Floridian who regularly sees California and South African oranges sold in Publix grocery stores, often without a Florida orange in sight, this strikes a chord. Why are we sold fruits from over a quarter world away when orange groves blanket the state?

We cannot depend on oil to feed us anymore. We can only prosper if we can feed ourselves locally and with ecological farming systems. This is true whether we live in a 'third world' nation or a 'first world' one. Please take the time to read Pollan's article, he's a smart one.

*update* Fresh Air had an interview with Pollan about his open letter today 10/21. You can listen here.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it the weirdest? Like walking a full circle.

Only a few decades ago food had to be local, there was no transporting for the masses. Only luxury items for the rich, which alas probably didn't cause too much pollution.

Inequality maybe, but that is another equally large imbalance.

Thank you for reminding us all.

mansuetude said...

Ironic, really for me... because people "up north" you know, them those yankees who would visit Florida or winter there ALWAYS brought back oranges form Florida ...strange to read this. The whole gas thing is so true--we had 45 minute lines for a while after that last hurricaine. Its gouging.

Ken said...

Florida mostly grows juice oranges that are huge mess to try to eat.

California mostly grows oranges better suited for eating.

It does seems odd - but I'm sure there are reasons why each state's citrus markets developed the way they did.


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